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News And Fake News About College Admissions

Interested in new developments on the affirmative action front, such as new surveys, a major doozy that just emerged in Washington state, a survey of surveys of public opinion, and some mal-reporting? Then see my new essay on Minding The Campus.

Still More On Harvard!?

Anyone interested in reading still more about Harvard and the Asians (what’s the matter, don’t you have a life?) should take a look at “Harvard Hoist On Its Own Petard?,” my essay in the National Association of Scholars journal, Academic Questions. Print publication is still a couple of weeks away, but the article was recently posted online and is available now.

Harvard Flinches?

What is the relationship, if any, among the following? Students For Fair Admissions sues Harvard for discriminating against Asians. Harvard has just admitted a record number of Asians to its next freshman class. SAT scores for Asians this year (but not blacks or Hispanics) increased dramatically. More colleges are dropping the requirement to take the […]

Excuses, Excuses …

Among the more interesting excuses Democrats have offered for failing to condemn the anti-semitic statements of Rep. Ilhan Omar are recent comments from Rep. James Clyburn (D, SC), the Majority Whip (third ranking Democrat in the House) and prominent Black Caucus leader. From an interview with Clyburn published in The Hill yesterday: Clyburn came to […]

Politics In Academia: Sauce For Both Geese And Ganders?

[NOTE: This post has been UPDATED. 2/23/19] Inside Higher Ed has a disturbing article today, “Will Me Too Activism Cost Professor Her Job?”?BethAnn McLaughlin, an assistant professor of neurology and pharmacology at Vanderbilt, “is a hero to many women in academe, especially those in science [and also obviously to Inside Higher Ed].” She founded a […]

Common Sense At UVa Comes Up Short, Again

Most readers will recall the brouhaha that engulfed Charlottesville (No, not the march!) when UVa’s Miller Center, which specializes in the study of the presidency, hired a senior assistant to President Trump, Marc Short, for a one year appointment. If you don’t remember, or you’d like a quick refresher on the vitriolic silliness of that […]

Red Herrings And Red Flags In The Harvard Case

What in all probability was the final hearing in Students For Fair Admissions v. Harvard College took place last Wednesday in Boston. That hearing has been widely reported, but I think some worrisome warning signs, though usually noted, have not been fully appreciated. To see what I mean, see my essay that just went up […]

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